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WHYY’s Radio Times Takes a Look at Eyewitness Testimony

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 WHYY’s Radio Times last week aired a segment called “Reexamining Eyewitness Testimony.” The show featured Brandon Garrett, Professor of Law at the University of Virginia and author of Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong, as well as Ronald Eisenberg, Deputy District Attorney for the Law Division of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

WHYY describes the show as follows:

This month the United States Supreme Court heard a case about the reliability of eyewitness testimony and the New Jersey Supreme Court recently concluded that eyewitnesses are mistaken enough to warrant new rules for judges and jurors to follow when examining evidence from police lineups. Today, we look at eyewitness testimony and what science says about its reliability.

You can listen to the podcast and the compelling points presented  here.

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