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When the courts finally free innocent citizens after years, or even decades of their lives, what should happen? Do the wrongly convicted deserve help with housing, food, counseling, medical care, and a job? Possibly some form of financial compensation for the stolen years?

Thirty-one states in America provide some level of compensation for the victims of wrongful convictions. Pennsylvania is NOT one of them. We want to change that. The goal of the #RightTheWrong campaign is to ensure compensation for the lives shattered by the wrongful convictions that stole their livelihood and freedom. We cannot accomplish this without you. 

Learn why Compensation for Pennsylvania’s Exonerated Citizens is a priority. You can also read about our client, JIM FOGLE’S STRUGGLE TO RE-ENTER SOCIETY over 30 years after he was wrongly convicted, and how he desperately needs a COMPENSATION BILL.

Below are some easy ways to contribute to this social media campaign:

  • Take to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and spread the word that it is time for Pennsylvania to #RightTheWrong through some form of compensation for victims of wrongful convictions.
  • Visit our LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER. Here, you can send an email to or tweet directly at your Pennsylvania legislators asking for their support for compensation laws.
  • Take part in our WRONGFUL CONVICTION DAY OF ACTION on October 14th.
  • Create a WALL FOR INNOCENCE with your student or religious group, community organization, or friends.
  • Get everything you need – handouts, pledge cards, information about compensation – in our WRONGFUL CONVICTION DAY TOOLKIT.