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Campaign to Educate Others About Wrongful Conviction


We created this online campaign in Pennsylvania to spread the word about wrongful conviction and the related legislation. We use our own LEGISLATIVE ACTION CENTER, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, andand YOUTUBE to spread information about wrongful convictions. We encourage you to engage your friends, family, and followers in these current critical matters. By taking part of #Act4Innocents, you become an active member of the movement to fight wrongful conviction and strengthen the voice for the innocent.

To date, 56 men and women have been released from Pennsylvania prisons where DNA testing proved their innocence. These men collectively spent over 600 years behind bars for crimes they did not commit. There are 342 DNA exonerations across the nation, and over 1,400 not involving DNA.

Tragically, the true perpetrators of those crimes committed additional crimes while the innocent languished behind bars. This includes more than 60 sexual assaults and 24 homicides nationwide.

Our goal is to encourage law enforcement to adopt best practices which will prevent wrongful convictions. Learn more about known best practices and how legislation changes would help protect all Pennsylvanians. Check out the following links to understand how fellow citizens find themselves convicted of crimes they did not commit and how we can prevent this from happening. 

After you educate yourself, please educate others! Spread the wealth and share the love! Whether you put together a group to work together or take action on your own, we need everyone’s help in changing Pennsylvania laws! We thank you for your time, commitment and dedication to these issues.