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Q: How do I ask for help?

A: The Pennsylvania Innocence Project provides pro bono investigative and legal assistance to prisoners convicted in Pennsylvania who are actually innocent and whose innocence can be proven by DNA testing or by other newly discovered evidence.

When selecting cases we can only take cases from Pennsylvania state or federal court, where the convicted individual had no role in the incident that led to the conviction, and where the individual does not have an attorney or have the right to appointed counsel.  

For more information on cases we do and do not take and for our full reviewing process, visit our page. If the case meets that criteria, we require a short letter from the convicted individual, not a family member or friend, explaining the following:

 1.  What you were convicted of – what the charges were;

2.  Briefly what the witnesses say happened;

3.  Whether there was a trial or the you pled guilty/no contest (accepting plea deals is included in this);

4.  Why you say you are innocent;

5.   Where you are in your appeals process

Please send your letter to:

Pennsylvania Innocence Project
1515 Market Street, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Office telephone:


Online Contact form: