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Tag Archives: wrongful conviction

St. Louis Man Finally Free After Thirty Years

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George Allen Jr. left a courthouse in Jefferson County, Missouri a free man on Wednesday after spending thirty years in jail for crimes he didn’t commit. To saw that it […]

Ohio Man Freed After 21 Years on Death Row

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After spending 21 years on death row in Ohio, 62-year old Michael Keenan is now a free man after a judge dismissed the 1988 murder charge against him. Keenan had […]

Giving Back in the Name of Justice

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Jeffrey Deskovic was just 17 when he was convicted of rape and second-degree murder in the 1989 death of Angela Correa, a 15-year-old high school freshman. Deskovic was sentenced to […]

Massachusetts Passes Forensic Analysis Legislation

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The state of Massachusetts has passed a bill that will lessen the amount wrongful conviction at no extra cost to taxpayers. A win-win situation. Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill […]

Fund Established in Connecticut to Help the Wrongfully Convicted

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Kenneth Ireland was 18 years old when he was sent to jail for 21 years, until DNA testing conducted on crime scene evidence exonerated him. While no price can be […]

Texas Exoneration Evokes Inquiry

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Michael Morton, who served nearly 25 years in prison after being convicted for the 1986 murder of his wife, was officially exonerated on December 26, 2011. Morton had been sentenced […]