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Media Links

March 2017 – Justice Served: The Trinity Reporter

January 2017 – Salute to Greatness Awards Gala celebrates MLK: The Philadelphia Tribune

December 2016 – DA Seth Williams: Donte Rollins evidence was not presented to police or the DA’s office:  Fox 29

December 2016 – Philly DA drops charges, man released from prison after a decade:

December 2016 – DA drops all charges, man to be released from prison after a decade:

December 2016 – Defendant’s quest for second look at case can outlast sentence in Philly:

November 2016 – Innocence Project opens Pittsburgh office:  The Journal of the Allegheny County Bar Association 

November 2016 – Judge denies N. Philly man new trial in attempted-murder shooting of 6-year-old boy:

November 2016 – Justice on hold: to Philly DA’s Conviction Review  Unit, no one is innocent:

November 2016 – ‘I’m innocent’: Gregory Brown free after 20 years; awaits new trial in fire deaths of 3 Pittsburgh firefighters: WTAE: Pittsburgh’s Action News

November 2016 – Pennsylvania ponders compensation for exonerated prisoners:

November 2016 – Pittsburgh’s Fatal Bricelyn Street fire case moved to federal court: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 2016 – More witnesses in case of man convicted in ’06 shooting that paralyzed boy:

October 2016 – Pennsylvania’s Shame:

October 2016 – Was wrong man convicted in ’06 Strawberry Mansion shooting that paralyzed boy?:

October 2016 – PA Innocence Project wins freedom for man: The Temple News

September 2016 – Pa. needs a law to compensate the wrongfully convicted:  Another View:  Penn Live 

September 2016 – Legal eagles: The Pa. Innocence Project is a welcome neighbor: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

September 2016 – PA Innocence Project – “freeing the innocent” – opening Pittsburgh office with launch reception: Next Pittsburgh 

September 2016 – Pennsylvania Innocence Project opens Pittsburgh office: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

September 2016 – After 40 years claiming innocence, Philly juvenile lifer is free: Philadelphia Inquirer 

August 2016 – Teamwork, Patience, and Commitment for a Deserving Man: The Legal Intelligencer

August 2016 – Philly Has More Work To Do In Freeing The Innocent:

August 2016 – Four ‘Juvenile Lifers’ in Pennsylvania jails since 1970s are granted parole”: The Guardian

August 2016 – First ‘Juvenile Lifers’ in Pennsylvania Granted Parole: The New York Times

July 2016 – Representing Individuals in Post-Conviction Review in Philadelphia: Philadelphia Bar Reporter at p. 8

June 2016- Exploring Interrogation Methods From Netflix Series “Making A Murderer: Philadelphia Bar Reporter at p.7

June 2016- Judge Dismisses Charges In Woman’s Bite-Mark Conviction: FoxNews

June 2016- Fayette County Woman Cleared in ‘Junk Science’ Murder Case After Years in Prison: WTAE

June 2016- Judge Dismisses Homicide Charges Against Connellsville Woman: Herald-Standard

June 2016- After Four Decades Behind Bars, Philly Man Has Hope of Clearing His Name— and Being Free: Newsworks

June 2016- New Sentences for First 2 of 300 Philly Juvenile Lifers:

May 2016: Fighting for the Wrongly Convicted: PA Innocence Project Holds Annual Celebration at WHYY: The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

April 2016- Lack of Coram Nobis Hurts Convicted Innocents: Legal Intelligencer

April 2016- Once Again, Man Convicted in Deaths of 2 Sons:

March 2016- Dad Gets Second Chance After Junk Science Convicted Him of Killing His Kids: The Daily Beast

March 2016- Retrial for Man Who Spent 17 Years In Prison for Fire that Killed His Children:

March 2016- Cleared by DNA in Murder, Prosecuted Again Anyway: The Daily Beast

March 2016- Locked Away for 24 Years, an Exonerated Man Still Feels Imprisoned: The New York Times

February 2016- Exonerated Prisoners Not Compensated: Post-Gazette

February 2016- Pro Bono Spotlight: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

February 2016- A Look at False Confessions: Temple Now

January 2016- Richman PNC Award: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

January 2016 – Judge issues opinion on refusal to step down from arson case: Post-Gazette

December 2015- President and Co-Founder of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project David Richman’s Remarks Upon Receiving the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s 2015 PNC Award

December 2015- Press Release: D. Richman PNC Award

November 2015- Wrongfully Incarcerated for 34 Years, Indiana County Man Struggling to Adjust to Real World: Post-Gazette

November 2015 – Defense: Keep judge in fatal arson case: Post-Gazette

November 2015- Monroe County Drops Fatal Poconos Arson Case: The Morning Call

October 2015- Press Release: Crystal Weimer

October 2015- Fayette Judge Grants Convicted Killer New Trial After Forensic Dentist Calls Own Testimony “Junk Science”: Trib Live

October 2015- Connellsville Woman’s Third Degree Murder Conviction Vacated: Herald-Standard

September 2015- Indiana Man Freed From Prison After 34 Years Won’t be Retried: Trib Live

August 2015- Appeals Court Won’t Reinstate 1990 Arson-Murder Conviction: Townhall

August 2015- After 34 Years in Prison Indiana County Man Freed Thanks to DNA Evidence: Post-Gazette

May 2015- Cause and Celebration: Pennsylvania Innocence Project Celebration of Justice

May 2015- After 42 Years in Prison, Heartwarming Homecoming Not the End for Letitia Smallwood: Penn Live

April 2015- Technology Should Help See Justice Served, Especially in Arson Cases: Editorial: Penn Live

April 2015- Carlisle Woman Gets New Trial in 42-Year-Old Arson-Murder, DA to Appeal: Penn Live

April 2015- Press Release: Teri Smallwood

April 2015- 40-Year-Old Arson-Murder Conviction Overturned for Carlisle Woman: Penn Live

April 2015- Letitia Smallwood Arson Case: Discredited Science Fueling Surge in Reviews and Overturned Convictions: Penn Live

March 2015- Judge Weighs Arguments in Carlisle Woman’s Appeal of 1973 Arson-Murder Conviction: Penn Live

March 2015- Why Is This Man Still in Jail?: Rolling Stone Magazine

March 2015- Hearing Scheduled for Carlisle Woman Convicted of 1973 Arson-Murder: ‘There Was No Crime Here’: Penn Live

January 2015- ABC27: Attorney: Man freed in ’79 murder, arson that wasn’t

December 2014- After 42 Years in Prison, Carlisle Woman’s Arson Conviction Could be Overturned by Science: Penn Live

December 2014- Civil Rights Advocates Debate Ramsey: Philadelphia City Paper

December 2014- Judge Refuses to Kill Appeal in 42-year-old Carlisle Murder Case: Penn Live

September 2014- Judge Orders New Trial in 1991 Murder:

August 2014- FOX23: Man serves 24 years in Pennsylvania prison for crime he didn’t commit

August 2014- Man Served 24 Years for a Crime He Didn’t Commit: Fox43

August 2014- Press Release: Han Tak Lee

August 2014- Judge Vacates Conviction, Life Term in Fatal 1989 Fire:

July 2014- ‘The Divide’ Studies the Passionate Defense of Innocence: The Inquirer

July 2014- ‘The Divide’ Delivers Power, Grit, with Philly Flavor: The Inquirer

June 2014- No Re-Trial For Pair in ’95 Robbery-Murder:

June 2014- Philadelphia Inquirer: No retrial for pair in ’95 robbery-murder

June 2014- Seth Williams Distracted from Freeing Innocent Prisoners?: Philadelphia City Paper

May 2014- Daily News Gossip Page

May 2014- WHYY: Philly DA, Pennsylvania Innocence Project seek justice through improved conviction review

May 2014- Tony Goldwyn fetes the Pennsylvania Innocence Project

May 2014- Philly DA Announces Conviction Review Unit: Newsworks

May 2014- Tony Goldwyn Fetes the Pa. Innocence Project:

May 2014- Ex-Officer Being Honored for Efforts to Clear Prisoner:

May 2014- Shindig Marks Pennsylvania Innocence Project’s 5th Year:

April 2014- Testimony of Legal Director, Marissa Bluestine, before Senate Judiciary Committee on Indigent Defense Funding

April 2014- DA’s Fight Against Innocence Claim May Have Left Dangerous Gunman on Street: Philadelphia City Paper

April 2014- Philadelphia DA Creates Unit to Review Wrongful-Conviction Claims: The Legal Intelligencer

April 2014- Legal Minds Eye Quality Control for Convictions: New Pittsburgh Courier

April 2014- The Man in the Red Bandana: The Case of Eugene Gilyard: American Bar Association

April 2014- New Unit to Investigate Prisoners’ Claims of Innocence:

April 2014- D.A. Williams Opens New Unit to Focus Exclusively on Innocence Claims: Metro

February 2014- PA Innocence Project at Temple Law Wins New Trial for Wrongly Convicted Pittsburgh Man: Temple Law School

February 2014 – New trial ordered in Pittsburgh firefighter deaths: Post-Gazette

February 2014 – Judge Grants New Trial For Suspect In Bricelyn Street Fatal Fire: CBS Pittsburgh 

February 2014- Press Release: Montgomery McCracken

December 2013- Ramsey Orders Changes on Interrogations, Holding Suspects:

December 2013- Philadelphia Inquirer: Ramsey orders changes on interrogations, holding suspects

December 2013- Philly Police to Adopt Sweeping Interrogation Reforms Come Jan. 1:

December 2013- Imagining the Legal Director of PIP’s Performance Review: The Legal Intelligencer

December 2013- Ramsey Orders Changes on Interrogations, Holding Suspects:

December 2013- Free-er Again:

November 2013- Daily News Editorial: Happy Returns

November 2013- DA Clears Way for Release of Lifers Awaiting New Trial: The Inquirer

October 2013- Philly Murder Reversals Bring Calls for Review: CBS Philly

October 2013- Judge Orders New Trial for 2 in ’95 Murder:

September 2013- Inmate Tape Casts Doubt in Murder Case Appeal: The Inquirer

September 2013- Proving Innocence – Eugene Gilyard, Part 1: Convicting an Innocent Man

August 2013- A Code of the Streets That’s Thicker Than Blood: The Inquirer

May 2013- Pennsylvania Innocence Project: Group Works Hard for Little Results: Metro

April 2013- Should Philadelphia Record Interrogations?:

March 2013- “Near Miss” for One Wrongly Accused:

November 2012- Innocence Project’s Glazer Gets Bar Honor: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

February 2012- Forum on Eyewitness Mis-Identification and Wrongful Convictions

February 2012- Eastern State Penitentiary Launches the Searchlight Series

July 2010- After 28 Years, Freedom for a Former Lifer: