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Fact Sheets & White Papers

White Paper on Conviction Integrity Proposals in Pennsylvania

Media Links

June 2016- Exploring Interrogation Methods From Netflix Series “Making A Murderer: Philadelphia Bar Reporter at p.7

June 2016- Judge Dismisses Charges In Woman’s Bite-Mark Conviction: FoxNews

June 2016- Fayette County Woman Cleared in ‘Junk Science’ Murder Case After Years in Prison: WTAE

June 2016- Judge Dismisses Homicide Charges Against Connellsville Woman: Herald-Standard

June 2016- After Four Decades Behind Bars, Philly Man Has Hope of Clearing His Name— and Being Free: Newsworks

June 2016- New Sentences for First 2 of 300 Philly Juvenile Lifers:

May 2016: Fighting for the Wrongly Convicted: PA Innocence Project Holds Annual Celebration at WHYY: The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

April 2016- Lack of Coram Nobis Hurts Convicted Innocents: Legal Intelligencer

April 2016- Once Again, Man Convicted in Deaths of 2 Sons:

March 2016- Dad Gets Second Chance After Junk Science Convicted Him of Killing His Kids: The Daily Beast

March 2016- Retrial for Man Who Spent 17 Years In Prison for Fire that Killed His Children:

March 2016- Cleared by DNA in Murder, Prosecuted Again Anyway: The Daily Beast

March 2016- Locked Away for 24 Years, an Exonerated Man Still Feels Imprisoned: The New York Times

February 2016- Exonerated Prisoners Not Compensated: Post-Gazette

February 2016- Pro Bono Spotlight: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

February 2016- A Look at False Confessions: Temple Now

January 2016- Richman PNC Award: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

December 2015- President and Co-Founder of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project David Richman’s Remarks Upon Receiving the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s 2015 PNC Award

December 2015- Press Release: D. Richman PNC Award

November 2015- Wrongfully Incarcerated for 34 Years, Indiana County Man Struggling to Adjust to Real World: Post-Gazette

November 2015- Monroe County Drops Fatal Poconos Arson Case: The Morning Call

October 2015- Press Release: Crystal Weimer

October 2015- Fayette Judge Grants Convicted Killer New Trial After Forensic Dentist Calls Own Testimony “Junk Science”: Trib Live

October 2015- Connellsville Woman’s Third Degree Murder Conviction Vacated: Herald-Standard

September 2015- Indiana Man Freed From Prison After 34 Years Won’t be Retried: Trib Live

August 2015- Appeals Court Won’t Reinstate 1990 Arson-Murder Conviction: Townhall

August 2015- After 34 Years in Prison Indiana County Man Freed Thanks to DNA Evidence: Post-Gazette

May 2015- Cause and Celebration: Pennsylvania Innocence Project Celebration of Justice

May 2015- After 42 Years in Prison, Heartwarming Homecoming Not the End for Letitia Smallwood: Penn Live

April 2015- Technology Should Help See Justice Served, Especially in Arson Cases: Editorial: Penn Live

April 2015- Carlisle Woman Gets New Trial in 42-Year-Old Arson-Murder, DA to Appeal: Penn Live

April 2015- Press Release: Teri Smallwood

April 2015- 40-Year-Old Arson-Murder Conviction Overturned for Carlisle Woman: Penn Live

April 2015- Letitia Smallwood Arson Case: Discredited Science Fueling Surge in Reviews and Overturned Convictions: Penn Live

March 2015- Judge Weighs Arguments in Carlisle Woman’s Appeal of 1973 Arson-Murder Conviction: Penn Live

March 2015- Why Is This Man Still in Jail?: Rolling Stone Magazine

March 2015- Hearing Scheduled for Carlisle Woman Convicted of 1973 Arson-Murder: ‘There Was No Crime Here’: Penn Live

December 2014- After 42 Years in Prison, Carlisle Woman’s Arson Conviction Could be Overturned by Science: Penn Live

December 2014- Civil Rights Advocates Debate Ramsey: Philadelphia City Paper

December 2014- Judge Refuses to Kill Appeal in 42-year-old Carlisle Murder Case: Penn Live

September 2014- Judge Orders New Trial in 1991 Murder:

August 2014- Man Served 24 Years for a Crime He Didn’t Commit: Fox43

August 2014- Press Release: Han Tak Lee

August 2014- Judge Vacates Conviction, Life Term in Fatal 1989 Fire:

July 2014- ‘The Divide’ Studies the Passionate Defense of Innocence: The Inquirer

July 2014- ‘The Divide’ Delivers Power, Grit, with Philly Flavor: The Inquirer

June 2014- No Re-Trial For Pair in ’95 Robbery-Murder:

June 2014- Seth Williams Distracted from Freeing Innocent Prisoners?: Philadelphia City Paper

May 2014- Daily News Gossip Page

May 2014- Philly DA Announces Conviction Review Unit: Newsworks

May 2014- Tony Goldwyn Fetes the Pa. Innocence Project:

May 2014- Ex-Officer Being Honored for Efforts to Clear Prisoner:

May 2014- Shindig Marks Pennsylvania Innocence Project’s 5th Year:

April 2014- Testimony of Legal Director, Marissa Bluestine, before Senate Judiciary Committee on Indigent Defense Funding

April 2014- DA’s Fight Against Innocence Claim May Have Left Dangerous Gunman on Street: Philadelphia City Paper

April 2014- Philadelphia DA Creates Unit to Review Wrongful-Conviction Claims: The Legal Intelligencer

April 2014- Legal Minds Eye Quality Control for Convictions: New Pittsburgh Courier

April 2014- The Man in the Red Bandana: The Case of Eugene Gilyard: American Bar Association

April 2014- New Unit to Investigate Prisoners’ Claims of Innocence:

April 2014- D.A. Williams Opens New Unit to Focus Exclusively on Innocence Claims: Metro

February 2014- PA Innocence Project at Temple Law Wins New Trial for Wrongly Convicted Pittsburgh Man: Temple Law School

February 2014- Press Release: Montgomery McCracken

December 2013- Ramsey Orders Changes on Interrogations, Holding Suspects:

December 2013- Philly Police to Adopt Sweeping Interrogation Reforms Come Jan. 1:

December 2013- Imagining the Legal Director of PIP’s Performance Review: The Legal Intelligencer

December 2013- Ramsey Orders Changes on Interrogations, Holding Suspects:

December 2013- Free-er Again:

November 2013- Daily News Editorial: Happy Returns

November 2013- DA Clears Way for Release of Lifers Awaiting New Trial: The Inquirer

October 2013- Philly Murder Reversals Bring Calls for Review: CBS Philly

October 2013- Judge Orders New Trial for 2 in ’95 Murder:

September 2013- Inmate Tape Casts Doubt in Murder Case Appeal: The Inquirer

September 2013- Proving Innocence – Eugene Gilyard, Part 1: Convicting an Innocent Man

August 2013- A Code of the Streets That’s Thicker Than Blood: The Inquirer

May 2013- Pennsylvania Innocence Project: Group Works Hard for Little Results: Metro

April 2013- Should Philadelphia Record Interrogations?:

March 2013- “Near Miss” for One Wrongly Accused:

November 2012- Innocence Project’s Glazer Gets Bar Honor: Philadelphia Bar Reporter

February 2012- Forum on Eyewitness Mis-Identification and Wrongful Convictions

February 2012- Eastern State Penitentiary Launches the Searchlight Series

July 2010- After 28 Years, Freedom for a Former Lifer:

Amicus Briefs

Network Walker Amicus Brief Filed 8-1-2011 with Exhibits Attached

Commonwealth v. Benjamin Walker, Pa. Supreme Court – Urging the justices to allow Pennsylvania trial judges to admit experts on human memory in terms of how eyewitness identification may be impacted.

Alicea Innocence Network Amicus Brief

Commonwealth v. Jose Alicia, Pa. Supreme Court – Supporting the position that Pennsylvania courts should allow experts to testify before juries concerning the phenomenon of false confessions.

Dennis Amicus Brief – Innocence Network

James Dennis v. John Wetzel, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania – Educating the court on the concerns with the accuracy and reliability of eyewitness identification testimony and the role such testimony has played in convicting the actually innocent.

Han Tak Lee – Actual Innocence

Han Tak Lee v. Steve Gunt, Third Circuit Cout of Appeals – Discussing the availability of an “actual innocence” claim in federal habeas corpus proceedings.