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Eyewitness ID reliability case heads to the Supreme Court

On May 31, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear Barion Perry vs. the State of New Hampshire, a case regarding the reliability of eyewitness identification. The Appellate Defender Program, […]

DNA evidence confirms wrong man imprisoned for 25 years

Michael Morton has spent the past 25 years in prison, convicted of bludgeoning his wife to death in 1986. This month a second set of DNA tests confirmed that hair […]

Eye-witness recants 23 years after murder

The sole eyewitness in a 1988 murder case has recanted his testimony, telling an Illinois’ Cook County court that he identified the wrong man. Orlando Lopez recently swore in an […]

Hawaii Innocence Project’s First Exoneration

On July 21, a judge dismissed all counts against Alvin Francis Jardine III, 41, convicted in 1992 of burglary and rape in the case of 25-year-old Haiku woman. Jardine spent […]

Finally, after 20 years, a rapist pleads guilty

Today, in Boston, Jerry Dixon was to plead guilty to a 1991 rape. But another man, Anthony Powell, already served 22 years for the crime. Mr. Powell was convicted of […]

Wrongful Convictions Study in Illinois

The Better Government Association and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law recently conducted an investigation on wrongful convictions in Illinois. The numbers in that state […]

NC Innocence Commission Under Pressure to Exclude Guilty Pleas

Founded in 2007, the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission examines wrongful conviction claims. 30% of the claims presented to the Commission involve guilty pleas. Now, prosecutors are trying to block […]

Innocence Project Director Speaks Out About Federal Post-Conviction Issues

An op-ed piece in the National Law Journal this month discusses flaws in the federal habeas corpus process that can keep innocent people in prison. Co-written by Barry C. Scheck, […]

Dallas Man Released after 27 Years in Prison

Texan Johnny Pinchback was released from prison last Thursday after serving 27 years of a 99-year sentence. Pinchback was wrongfully convicted of raping two teenage girls in 1984, but with […]

Dallas’ Conviction Integrity Unit

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina’s NBC affiliate recently produced this segment about Dallas County’s Conviction Integrity Unit and the work that they have done since their founding to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. […]

State Senator Planning Legislation to Extend Time Limits on Post-Conviction Appeals

Currently, Pennsylvania has one of the toughest policies dictating when defendants can file post-conviction appeals – those based on non-DNA evidence must be filed within 60 days of the evidence’s […]

Victory in Non-DNA Exoneration Case In Utah

On Monday, Debra Brown was found factually innocent of the murder of her boss and friend, Lael Brown, which occurred on Saturday, November 6, 1993. Debra Brown was the first […]

In Detroit, “Science does not trump the testimony of individuals.”

DNA proves that Karl Vinson didn’t commit the rape for which he’s spent the last 25 years in prison. Yet he’s still incarcerated because, according to Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor […]

Compensation for Wrongfully Convicted Canadians Exceeds US

This past week, wrongfully convicted Quebec man Rejean Hinse received $13.1 million from Canadian federal and provincial governments as compensation for five years spent in prison for robbery in the […]

Why Pennsylvania Needs to Record Interrogations

We’ve often written about false confessions, and how police recording interrogation sessions would reduce the number of wrongful convictions in Pennsylvania. Last week, attorney Peter Vaira brought up these same […]

Virginia Supreme Court Considering Writ of Actual Innocence

Sentenced to 82 years in prison for the 1995 murder of college student Jennifer Evans, former Navy SEAL trainee Dustin Turner may finally have his conviction overturned now that another […]

Student Reflections on Visiting PIP Clients in Prison

Two of our law students traveled to SCI-Mahanoy to meet with two potential Pennsylvania Innocence Project clients. We asked them to write a blog post about their experience. JC: When […]

Declared “Actually Innocent” But Still in Prison

In May 1999, Philadelphian Terrance Lewis was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the August 6, 1996, second-degree murder of Bernard Howard. Mr. Howard was killed after 3 […]

Wrongfully Convicted DC Men Receive $1.9M

Joseph Eastridge and Joseph Sousa were convicted and imprisoned after a 1974 murder in Northwest Washington, DC – a murder that neither of them committed. Now, after a settlement with […]

New Bill in Florida Proposes Double-Blind Lineups

In what is a terrific step forward in reducing wrongful convictions resulting from eyewitness misidentification, the Florida State Senate unanimously passed a bill submitted by Sen. Joe Negron that requires […]

NJ Supreme Court Explores the Reliability of Witness Identification

Larry Henderson claims that Camden, NJ police influenced a witness’ identification of him as an accomplice in the shooting of Rodney Harper, for which Henderson was convicted in 2004. Now, […]

Texas Senate Passes Bill Codifying Lineup Procedures

The Texas Senate passed a bill that would require police to adopt written policies when conducting live and photo identification lineups. This is a big step in helping to reduce […]

FL Man’s DNA Doesn’t Match Crime Scene Evidence for Which He’s Serving a Life Sentence

In 1993, Derrick Williams was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping and raping a woman in a Palmetto, FL, orange grove. This past week, a DNA expert testified that […]

Inside a False Confession

The Los Angeles Times recently published an article that explains how Edward Arch, on trial for a 2007 murder, finally had his case dismissed due to findings that his confession […]