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Rape Suspect Laughs at Mistakes of Bronx DA’s Office

A tremendous police backlog and mistakes from the district attorney’s office in the Bronx will free a man whose DNA links him to three violent sexual assaults. Brian Brockington, currently […]

Massachusetts Passes Forensic Analysis Legislation

The state of Massachusetts has passed a bill that will lessen the amount wrongful conviction at no extra cost to taxpayers. A win-win situation. Governor Deval Patrick signed the bill […]

Will Pennsylvania Supreme Court Consider U.S. Supreme Court Message?

If you saw someone commit a crime, would you be able to describe them accurately if questioned after the fact? Did you know that 75% of all wrongful convictions that […]

New York State to Expand DNA Database

The New York State Senate passed a bill that will expand the state’s DNA database for convicted criminals. Previously, the state required that DNA be collected from those convicted of […]

Fund Established in Connecticut to Help the Wrongfully Convicted

Kenneth Ireland was 18 years old when he was sent to jail for 21 years, until DNA testing conducted on crime scene evidence exonerated him. While no price can be […]

Kentucky Supreme Court In Pursuit of “Righting” the Wrongs

Thanks to the persistent efforts of the Kentucky Innocence Project, Kerry Porter was exonerated after serving almost 15 years behind bars for a murder  he did not commit. However, with […]

Freedom…30 Years Later

After having served three decades behind bars for a crime that he says he did not commit, a Dallas man finally had his conviction vacated on  January 4. Ricky Dale […]

Illinois Review Board Seeks to Exonerate Dead Man

The pursuit of justice never ends, not even after death. Paul Echols, a retired Carbondale, Illinois police officer and detective  Jimmy Smith from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, seek to clear the […]

Texas Exoneration Evokes Inquiry

Michael Morton, who served nearly 25 years in prison after being convicted for the 1986 murder of his wife, was officially exonerated on December 26, 2011. Morton had been sentenced […]

Former San Quentin Warden Pushes to End Death Penalty

Imagine working day in and day out to uphold punishment you find morally repugnant. Now that is commitment to your career. And that is what Jeanne Woodford endured for the […]

Tankleff Uses His Experience to Fight for Others

How much would it take to stand up and fight for the lives of those who have been wrongly accused? Martin Tankleff fought for 20 long, hard years for his […]

WHYY’s Radio Times Takes a Look at Eyewitness Testimony

 WHYY’s Radio Times last week aired a segment called “Reexamining Eyewitness Testimony.” The show featured Brandon Garrett, Professor of Law at the University of Virginia and author of Convicting the […]

The Taste of Freedom

Illinois The taste of freedom was like “breathing new life in my body,” said James Harden, 36, upon his release from the Menard Correctional Center on Friday, November 4. Harden […]

Florida panel recommends taped interrogations

The Florida Innocence Commission, a panel established in July 2010, recently voted to recommend that police officers record all suspect statements in violent felonies. “One of the benefits of recording […]

Conviction Integrity is Not a “Roadblock to Justice”!

In September, the long-awaited Advisory Committee on Wrongful Convictions released its final report. A comprehensive study of wrongful convictions, the report recommends several legislative measures to update current law enforcement […]

Freedom…30 Years Later

Lousiana It was a feeling of a miracle,” said Henry James Jr., describing his exoneration after serving 30 years in the Angola State Prison for a crime that he did […]

Michael Morton exonerated based on new DNA evidence and extensive prosecutorial misconduct

After spending 25 years in jail for a crime that he did not commit, Michael Morton was freed on Tuesday, October 4, after DNA evidence cleared him. Morton was wrongfully […]

DNA vs. Confessions

Chicago, IL “I’ve been waiting on justice for 17 years, and I’m still waiting,” said Terrill Swift as he was reunited with his family members after a hearing on whether […]

Obie Anthony Exonerated in California

Last week, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Kelvin Filer vacated Obie Anthony’s murder and attempted burglary convictions. Anthony was represented by The Northern California Innocence Project at Santa Clara […]

Two Men Exonerated by North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission

On Thursday, Kenneth Kagonyera and Robert Wilcoxson were exonerated by the country’s only state agency dedicated to investigating innocence claims, the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission. 11 years ago, Kagonyera […]

Michael Hansen Exonerated in Minnesota

In 2004, Mike Hansen was convicted of murdering his three-month old daughter, Avry. There was no physical evidence indicating that Hansen murdered his daughter. A prosecution expert testified that Avry […]

David Ayers Exonerated in Ohio

On Monday, September 12, six months after David Ayers was granted a new trial, the Cuyahoga County prosecutor’s office dismissed all charges against him. Ayers had spent over a decade […]

Mississippi woman still behind bars despite debunked expert’s role in her conviction

The Mississippi Innocence Project is working to free a woman who was convicted based on testimony from debunked forensic expert Michael West. Leigh Stubbs was 20 when she decided to […]

Do Philadelphia Eyewitness Practices Measure Up?

In today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, nationally syndicated columnist Michael Smerconish wrote about the ground-breaking New Jersey case of Henderson and asked whether Philadelphia’s eyewitness procedures are sufficient to protect against an […]