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Double Injustice: Lorenzo “Cat” Johnson

      Although the primary focus of this blog is highlighting cases of actual innocence – where individuals are committed of crimes they did not commit and were not […]

Eugene Gilyard: Closer to Freedom?

Our client, Eugene Gilyard, filed a petition with the Court of Common Pleas back in March, 2011, when he learned who really killed Thomas Keal in 1995. Mr. Gilyard had […]

Prisoners in Community Custody in Washington Now Allowed Government Funded DNA Test

Due to the collaborative work of students at the University of Washington School of Law Innocence Project Northwest, prisoners in limited community custody are now entitled to government funded DNA […]

Case Study Pinpoints Elements of Wrongful Convictions

The Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research at American University has distinguished 10 of the most common components that lead to wrongful convictions. Lawyer, social scientist, and American […]

Football Player Remains Optimistic After Exoneration

Following six years of incarceration for the false allegation of rape, Brian Banks has finally been acquainted with justice. Banks was imprisoned at Chino State Penitentiary after Wanetta Gibson, a […] ‘Near miss’ for one wrongfully accused

By Marissa Boyers Bluestine Last week, the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office withdrew murder charges against a man it determined to be innocent. Tahmir Craig was charged with the Memorial […]

Delaware County DA Jack Whelan Frees Wrongly Arrested Man

This week, Tahmir Craig went from being a wrongly accused murderer to a free man. Delaware County police could have been satisfied with the arrest of Mr. Craig for the […]

Peter Neufeld Responds to Anita Alvarez’ Open Letter to 60 Minutes

Chicago Tribune writer Eric Zorn reached out to Innocence Project co-founder Peter Neufeld for a response to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’ ‘open letter’ following the airing of a devastating […]

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez Responds to 60 Minutes Interview … Kind Of

After being universally drubbed for her comments during a recent 60 Minutes segment on false confessions in Chicago, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez wrote to the head of CBS […]

It’s Not Misconduct, It’s Human Nature.

Stories about people confessing to crimes they know nothing about seem to be all over the news. This Sunday, 60 minutes ran a segment on a group of men from […]

St. Louis Man Finally Free After Thirty Years

George Allen Jr. left a courthouse in Jefferson County, Missouri a free man on Wednesday after spending thirty years in jail for crimes he didn’t commit. To saw that it […]

North Carolina man gains freedom after serving 24 years for rape he didn’t commit

It took three judges 30 minutes to determine what others couldn’t in  two and a half decades: Willie Grimes was not guilty of the 1987 rape for which he served […]

Pennsylvania DNA Testing Still Lagging

As reported recently by the Pittsburgh Tribune, Pennsylvania’s efforts to use DNA as a swift tool for solving crime are not keeping up with the need. When there is a […]

Ohio Man Freed After 21 Years on Death Row

After spending 21 years on death row in Ohio, 62-year old Michael Keenan is now a free man after a judge dismissed the 1988 murder charge against him. Keenan had […]

Philadelphia DA Focuses on Conviction Integrity

A couple of weeks ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer had a front-page story highlighting Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams’ efforts to ensure that police gather sufficient evidence to support a conviction […]

Florida’s Innocence Commission Releases Final Report

Florida’s Innocence Commission has concluded two years of work by releasing a final report of recommendations to eliminate or drastically reduce wrongful convictions in the state. The Commission was founded […]

Appalling Decision Making by New York Lab Leads to Destruction of Key Criminal Evidence

Management for the Monroe County, New York Public Safety Laboratory destroyed key criminal evidence in cases that led the the destruction of evidence in hundreds of cases, according to an […]

Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman Makes Conviction Integrity a Priority

Last Friday, Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman appeared as part of a panel at the annual Criminal Law Symposium in Harrisburg.  The event draws over 400  lawyers practicing in criminal […]

Former HS Football Star Brian Banks Has Name Cleared After False Rape Accusation Ten Years Ago

As a high school student, Brian Banks had big dreams for the rest of this life. He was a star middle linebacker with the Long Beach Polytechnic High School football […]

Convicted Detroit Hit Man Hopes to Help Free Man He Says Is Wrongfully Imprisoned

Vincent Smothers, a Detroit hit man in jail serving a sentence of 52 years for eight murders, has signed a statement confessing to four others. What is notable about this […]

New York Establishes Bureau to Review Wrongful Convictions

The New York Attorney General will establish the Conviction Review Bureau to review wrongful convictions as well as establish a system to streamline damage claims arising from such convictions. Attorney […]

Gov. Brown Commutes a Life Sentence, Citing “Significant Doubt”

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown commuted Shirley Ree Smith’s life sentence citing “significant doubt” about her guilt.  In 1997, Shirley Ree Smith was babysitting for her infant grandson.  Described […]

Holding Prosecutors Accountable in Wrongful Convictions

The story is all too familiar. Michael Morton, a Texas father, served almost 24 years in prison for a crime–a brutal murder of his beloved wife–that he did not commit. […]

Giving Back in the Name of Justice

Jeffrey Deskovic was just 17 when he was convicted of rape and second-degree murder in the 1989 death of Angela Correa, a 15-year-old high school freshman. Deskovic was sentenced to […]