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Han Tak Lee’s Quarter Century Ordeal May Finally Be Over!

On August 19, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals turned away the Monroe County District Attorney’s request to reinstate charges against Han Tak Lee. In 1990, Mr. Lee was convicted of […]

Lewis James Fogle Walks Free – 34 Years After His Wrongful Conviction!

On a beautiful sunny day Pennsylvania Innocence Project client Lewis James Fogle (whose family calls him Jim) walked out of SCI Pine Grove near Indiana, Pennsylvania, after serving more than […]

Pa. Innocence Project to Receive Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia Cecil B. Moore Award

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is humbled and honored to have been chosen as this year’s Cecil B. Moore Award from the Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia. The Barristers’ Association helps address the […]

ABC27: Attorney: Man freed in ’79 murder, arson that wasn’t

A central Pennsylvania man who spent nearly 36 years in prison for the murder of his 16-year-old son has been freed from prison, according to his attorney. James Hugney Sr., […]

FOX23: Man serves 24 years in Pennsylvania prison for crime he didn’t commit

A former New York businessman walked out of a Pennsylvania prison today as a free man after spending 24 years of his life behind bars. 79-year-old Han Tak Lee was […]

Han Tak Lee is Headed Home – 24 Years After Being Convicted Although No Crime Occurred!

On Friday August 22, 2014, Han Tak Lee will breathe the air of freedom for the first time in 24 years. In 1989, Mr. Lee’s daughter died in a tragic […]

Philadelphia Inquirer: No retrial for pair in ’95 robbery-murder

Two men freed after serving 15 years of their life sentences for the 1995 robbery-murder of a North Philadelphia businessman will not be retried, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office announced […]

WHYY: Philly DA, Pennsylvania Innocence Project seek justice through improved conviction review

In March 2012, when Eric Locke heard he was wanted in connection with the murder of Joel Blumer — a crime he did not commit — he went into a […] Tony Goldwyn fetes the Pennsylvania Innocence Project

Tony Goldwyn, who you may not better as President Fitzgerald Grant on ABC’s totally-addictive “Scandal,” is a big supporter of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, an organization that works to free […]

Waiting for Justice in Pittsburgh

  UPDATE – the Gamesmanship Continues   Judge Williams granted Greg’s petition, saying there was an “avalanche of evidence” showing the federal government withheld critical evidence which could have changed the outcome […]

Philadelphia Inquirer: Ramsey orders changes on interrogations, holding suspects

Beginning next year, Philadelphia detectives must video-record interrogations in all homicide cases and end a long-standing practice of holding suspects for long stretches even when no charges are filed. That […]

Eugene Gilyard is Home!

Last Friday, after a whirlwind week, Eugene Gilyard came home to his family after over 15 years. The homecoming was an emotional high point after years of battling to prove […]

CBS Philly: Philly Murder Case Reversals Bring Call For Review

A city judge ruled last year that Philadelphia prosecutors had “sanitized” evidence that led to a 1986 death sentence. This summer, a federal judge said “shaky eyewitness identifications” had condemned […]

Eugene Gilyard, Part 5: Evidence is Closed – Finally

A few days before we returned to court, the District Attorney’s Office provided us with the evidence they’d gathered which they felt showed that Rolex’ confession to the murder of […]

Eugene Gilyard, Part 4: Eugene Finally Gets His Days in Court

The Court set hearings for Eugene and his co-defendant, Lance Felder, for the week of July 15. The weeks before, our summer interns were all involved in trying to make […]

Eugene Gilyard, Part 2: Investigations Take Time

We first heard from Eugene before we even started operating, in early 2009. Law student volunteers began reviewing the materials in his case, and learning about his conviction. What struck […]

Proving Innocence – Eugene Gilyard, Part 1: Convicting an Innocent Man

Next month, we will present final arguments to a Philadelphia judge urging her to grant our client Eugene Gilyard’s petition for a new trial. We thought this a good time […]

Student Case Update: Police Shot, Innocent Man in Prison?

When police are shot in the line of duty, it is a tragedy pure and simple. We all depend upon police to protect us and help us when we are […]

Student Case Update: Can an Identification a Year After a Crime be Accurate?

A dark alley, late at night in Beaver County, a man is robbed at gunpoint, flees and turns to witness the gunman turn on his friend and shoot him dead […]

Student Case Update: Arson or Accident?

Jimmy has spent almost 20 years in prison for a crime he says he did not commit. Jimmy was convicted of killing his wife and two young sons in 1995 […]

Three for Three: Why Not Test the DNA?

Most of our cases do not involve DNA evidence, or the possibility of DNA. Of the 15 cases we are now litigating, only 6 are requests for post-conviction DNA testing. […]

Student Case Update: 32 Years Later, Still Crying for Freedom

A minor trying to get over the death of his mother had his life turned upside down when he was arrested for a crime he did not commit. A 17-year-old […]

Student Case Update: Can Someone Be in NYC and Philly at the Same Time?

I am in the process of reviewing a case of an individual who has been in prison for over 20 years for a crime he was convicted of committing in […]

Student Case Update: Erie Murder Conviction

As wrongful convictions are studied, it becomes clear that such injustices share similar causes—misidentification, coerced confessions, scientific errors, and other issues. Sometimes, though, there isn’t just one issue. Sometimes, the […]