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The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is hiring! You can be a part of our development and communications team. We are looking for two dedicated, passionate people to be our new full-time Development […]

Governor Wolf Signs Innocence Legislation Into Law!!

Governor Wolf Signs Innocence Legislation Into Law!!

WE DID IT! Thanks to you – your phone calls, your tweets, your emails – Pennsylvania’s convicted innocent have new hope. Governor Tom Wolf signed two bills into law that […]

Larry Trent Roberts’ Retrial to Move Forward Despite Prosecution Appeal

Larry Trent Roberts’ Retrial to Move Forward Despite Prosecution Appeal

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania has upheld the decision that Pennsylvania Innocence Project client Larry Trent Roberts is entitled to a new trial. Roberts was originally granted a retrial in his […]

Jim Fogle Celebrates Three Years of Freedom

Jim Fogle Celebrates Three Years of Freedom

Jim Fogle Celebrates Three Years of Freedom After Serving 34 for a Crime He Didn’t Commit Today marks three years since exoneree Lewis “Jim” Fogle had his indictment formally overturned […]

The Innocence Network’s Partnership with NBA Cares!

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project, the Innocence Project and Innocence Network Partners have helped exonerate 513 people worldwide. We are happy to announce a collaboration with the innocence movement, NBA Voices […]

Celebrating Exoneration Anniversaries

On this Independence Day, we celebrated the one-year exoneration anniversaries of Lorenzo Johnson and Marshall Hale, who both spent several decades wrongfully imprisoned. Lorenzo and Marshall both secured freedom in […]

Veteran journalist and innocence fighter Bill Moushey launches podcast!

One of our most tenacious state journalists, Bill Moushey, has launched a podcast – Win At All Costs. Here, Bill will talk about some of the many cases he has […]

FREE!! All charges withdrawn against Dontia Patterson – 11 years, 20 days after his wrongful arrest

MAY 15, 2018:  Today, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office moved to withdraw all charges against Dontia Patterson – after he served over a decade in prison for a crime he […]

Senator Stewart Greenleaf’s Statement on Receiving Hero of Justice Award from PA Innocence Project

Senator Stewart Greenleaf’s Statement on Receiving Hero of Justice Award from PA Innocence Project On Wednesday, May 9th, I was presented the Hero of Justice Award from the Pennsylvania Innocence Project.  […]

Does Philadelphia Harbor a “Cluster of Wrongful Convictions”?

There is, by now, no question that innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit. According to the National Registry of Exonerations, approximately 23% of people convicted of murders […]

Board member featured on ‘New Yorker Radio Hour’ to discuss exoneration case

A recent episode of the the podcast, “The New Yorker Radio Hour,” examines the case of an exoneree named John Thompson, who was wrongfully convicted of two crimes he didn’t […]

Philly DA agrees to new trial for Dontia Patterson – after 11 years in prison.

It has taken 11 years from behind bars, but Dontia Patterson will get a fair chance to prove his innocence of murdering his friend, Antwine Jackson, in broad daylight on […]

Podcast news! Undisclosed, Good Law/Bad Law, and Criminal (In)Justice

If you’re a fan of podcasts, we’ve got a few for you to check out. A few months ago, David Harris interviewed Marissa for his podcast, Criminal (In)justice. They talked about wrongful convictions, how […]

John Thompson, American hero – Dies at 55

John Thompson survived 14 years on death row, serving a sentence for a crime he had nothing to do with. Upon his exoneration, he tried to hold those who tried […]

HOME!! Shaurn Thomas released after 24 years in prison.

On May 23, 2017, a jubilant Shaurn Thomas walked out of SCI-Frackville, having served 24 years of a life sentence for a murder he did not commit. The Pennsylvania Innocence Project […]

The Partiality for Bias: Why Understanding Bias is Integral to Discussing Innocence – guest post by Jake Kind

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “What I learned from Watching Netflix’s Amanda Knox.” The piece examined the relationship between the debate of Knox’s innocence and our […]

HOME For the Holidays! All Charges Withdrawn Against Donte Rollins

Yesterday, 9 years and 17 days after he was convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with, Donte Rollins walked free. In a stunning turn of events, the […]

What I Learned from Watching Netflix’s Amanda Knox – by Jake Kind

By Jake Kind, Univ. of Pennsylvania, class of 2020 When Amanda Knox captured the world’s attention from a small cell in Italy, I had had no idea that wrongful convictions […]

Tyrone Jones RELEASED After 43 Years in Prison!

For over 40 years Tyrone Jones has been in prison, convicted of setting a murder he did not commit. While Mr. Jones has yet to be exonerated of the crime, he […]

Crystal Weimer is Finally Fully Free – 11 Years of Wrongful Incarceration

UNIONTOWN, PA: On Monday June 27, 2016, all charges against Crystal Weimer were finally dismissed with prejudice. Crystal has been home since October, 2015, when her conviction was vacated after […]

Exonerees in Pennsylvania Are Not Compensated

Pennsylvania is one of 20 states that provide no form of compensation for those who have spent years in prison as a result of wrongful convictions. In a February 14 […]

Legal Director Marissa Bluestine on why innocent people sometimes confess to crimes they didn’t commit

As discussed in an article by Meaghan Bixby in Temple Now, the popularity of Making a Murderer has highlighted the issue of false confessions.   Included in the article is […]

Long-held beliefs about arson science have been debunked after decades of misuse

The December cover story in the American Bar Association Journal on junk fire science features two cases in which the Pennsylvania Innocence Project has been closely involved: Han Tak Lee […]

Crystal Weimer to be Released After 11 Years of Wrongful Incarceration