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Pennsylvania Commission on Wrongful Convictions Report due “soon”

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As reported in the Pittsburgh Times-Review, the Pennsylvania Commission on Wrongful Convictions, commissioned by the State Legislature in 2006, is due to release its report “by summer’s end.” The report is expected to address the difficulties faced by many inmates seeking to have physical evidence from their trials tested or re-tested for the presence of DNA. Access to DNA, of course, is critical to proving innocence in many cases. To date, there have been 240 exonerations of wrongfully convicted but actually innocent inmates due to post-conviction DNA testing which revealed that the person convicted was not the perpetrator of the crime.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project eagerly awaits the publication of the Committee on Wrongful Convictions report, and anticipates working with all of the members of the criminal justice community in ensuring that measures are put into place that will advance the interest of freeing the innocent and convicting the guilty.

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