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Meet Our New Executive Director, Nan Feyler

Meet Our New Executive Director, Nan Feyler
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Dear Friends,

I am very honored to join the Pennsylvania Innocence Project as Executive Director.
With your help, I’ll lead the agency into our second decade, expanding our legal
representation to a growing number of innocent people in Pennsylvania who were
wrongly incarcerated, fighting to avoid conviction of the innocent and helping those
exonerated to transition to society.

A little about me – I bring over twenty-five years of nonprofit and government
management experience including serving as Executive Director of two of Philadelphia’s
premiere nonprofits, the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania and Nationalities Service
Center and serving as Deputy Commissioner for the Philadelphia Department of Public

My interest and experience in criminal justice reform is longstanding. I began
my career in Philadelphia as a Public Defender where I came to understand Philadelphia’s
criminal justice system and saw firsthand the risks inherent in wrongly
convicting an innocent person. Since then I’ve worked on a number of initiatives to
improve the lives of people in prison or reentering society.

Like you, I am deeply moved by the work of the Project. I recently had the honor of
meeting John Miller, a PA Innocent Project client who was released a few weeks ago
after serving 21 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. John was one of the first
people who reached out to the Project after it opened. For the past eight years his
legal team of Pennsylvania Innocence Project attorneys and pro bono lawyers from
Pepper, Hamilton LLP worked tirelessly to gain his freedom. Finally, he is free.

Every day an innocent person is behind bars is a travesty. But the counterweight to any
despair is the inspiring, unwavering commitment of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project
Board members, staff, supporters and volunteers who fight hard to exonerate those who
are wrongly convicted and the courage of incarcerated individuals and their families in
their steadfast belief that justice is possible.

Please reach out to me to learn more about our work. I can be reached at I hope to see you at our tenth year anniversary celebrations,
October 30 th in Philadelphia and November 13th in Pittsburgh. Watch your emails for
more information.

Best wishes,


Nan Feyler, JD., MPH