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FOX23: Man serves 24 years in Pennsylvania prison for crime he didn’t commit

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A former New York businessman walked out of a Pennsylvania prison today as a free man after spending 24 years of his life behind bars. 79-year-old Han Tak Lee was convicted of setting a fire that killed his 20-year-old daughter in 1989. But a judge ruled earlier this month that the case against him was based on outdated arson science.

U.S. District Judge William Nealon threw out Lee’s conviction and sentence of life without parole earlier this month. He gave prosecutors 120 days to decide whether they want to appeal. FOX43 reached out to the Monroe County District Attorney, who prosecuted Lee in 1990, to see if he would appeal. But we didn’t get a phone call returned. The Pennsylvania Innocence Project, an organization that works to free people for crimes they didn’t commit, tells FOX43 they worked on Lee’s case for over a decade. Lee addressed the public after his release with the help of a translator.

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