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Exonerees in Pennsylvania Are Not Compensated

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Jim and his familyPennsylvania is one of 20 states that provide no form of compensation for those who have spent years in prison as a result of wrongful convictions. In a February 14 article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the issue of compensation is discussed in relation to our client, Lewis James (“Jim”) Fogle. Jim spent 34 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Since his exoneration in August 2015, Jim has not been able to find employment and is struggling to make ends meet. He has received no compensation from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As the Post-Gazette article highlights, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project is supporting the introduction of a bill during this legislative term that will provide for compensation and re-entry awards for exonerees. To that end, the Project plans to have Jim and other exonerees testify at legislative hearings to educate our elected officials about the struggles of re-entry and the need for compensation.

You can read the full article here.