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Celebrating Exoneration Anniversaries

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On this Independence Day, we celebrated the one-year exoneration anniversaries of Lorenzo Johnson and Marshall Hale, who both spent several decades wrongfully imprisoned. Lorenzo and Marshall both secured freedom in July of last year.

Both men had been separated from their families for decades. Marshall’s parents died while he endured his wrongful incarceration. Coming back to a world drastically changed has been a huge adjustment for each man. Cell phones, internet, changed skylines – the world kept moving and now they have to adjust.

We have been able to help in ways large and small – thanks the generosity of our donors and supporters. Our Re-Entry fund has helped assist with housing, job applications, transportation, counseling, and even attending the annual Innocence Network conference in Memphis. We are committed not only to freeing the convicted innocent, but equally to making sure our clients are not left to struggle when they finally achieve their freedom.

For all the attorneys and students who worked for Marshall and Lorenzo, nothing gives us more joy or satisfaction than seeing them laugh and enjoy their new-found freedom.

You can read more about their stories here:


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