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Category Archives: False Confessions

Inside a False Confession

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The Los Angeles Times recently published an article that explains how Edward Arch, on trial for a 2007 murder, finally had his case dismissed due to findings that his confession […]

Sheriff-Ordered Analysis Finds “Unguided Missile” Investigation Led to Wrongful Arrest of Father in Daughter’s Death

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Early in the morning of June 6, 2004, three-year-old Riley Fox was abducted from her home in Wilmington, IL, sexually assaulted, and drowned in a nearby creek. Her father, Kevin, […]

False Confessions Examined

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It’s hard to imagine that an innocent person would ever confess to a crime that he or she did not commit… hard to imagine, that is, until you read about […]

Police Interrogation Techniques Lead to False Confession(s) in Illinois

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Kevin Fox and Jerry Hobbs III share an uncommon similarity ; they both were convicted for the murder of their daughters.  But in what seems to be a rising trend, […]

Is it Intimidation When a DA Does It?

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is set to hear a case where a Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney prevented a confessed killer from testifying on behalf of another accused in the same […]

Oprah highlights false confessions

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In a show dedicated to false confessions, Oprah Winfrey asks the question what makes someone confess to a crime he did not do? By following the case of one man, […]