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Governor Wolf Signs Innocence Legislation Into Law!!

Larry Trent Roberts’ Retrial to Move Forward Despite Prosecution Appeal

Jim Fogle Celebrates Three Years of Freedom

Celebrating Exoneration Anniversaries

Senator Stewart Greenleaf’s Statement on Receiving Hero of Justice Award from PA Innocence Project

Does Philadelphia Harbor a “Cluster of Wrongful Convictions”?

Board member featured on ‘New Yorker Radio Hour’ to discuss exoneration case

Podcast news! Undisclosed, Good Law/Bad Law, and Criminal (In)Justice

John Thompson, American hero – Dies at 55

The Partiality for Bias: Why Understanding Bias is Integral to Discussing Innocence – guest post by Jake Kind

Private: Save the Date! Pennsylvania Innocence Project’s Annual Celebration: “Lifelines” May 11, 2017

Private: It’s over 225 Days: Why is Donte Not Free?

What I Learned from Watching Netflix’s Amanda Knox – by Jake Kind

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is Welcomed in Style

Act4Innocents on Wrongful Conviction Day – October 4, 2016

Private: Purchase Tickets to Our Pittsburgh Launch Celebration!

Private: Action Alert! Help Change Pennsylvania Law

Exonerees in Pennsylvania Are Not Compensated

Legal Director Marissa Bluestine on why innocent people sometimes confess to crimes they didn’t commit

President of the Board David Richman Honored by the Philadelphia Bar Association

Bryan Stevenson at the 2015 Law Foundation Lecture

Penn Program on Documentaries & the Law Releases Video on Invalid Fire Science and the Case of Letitia Smallwood

Han Tak Lee’s Quarter Century Ordeal May Finally Be Over!

Oh, what a night: Pa IP’s Annual Celebration of Justice – May 12, 2015

Pa. Innocence Project to Receive Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia Cecil B. Moore Award

Han Tak Lee is Headed Home – 24 Years After Being Convicted Although No Crime Occurred!

Hoping for Clemency – a Miracle – or Both

Eugene Gilyard, Part 5: Evidence is Closed – Finally

Eugene Gilyard, Part 4: Eugene Finally Gets His Days in Court

Eugene Gilyard, Part 2: Investigations Take Time

Proving Innocence – Eugene Gilyard, Part 1: Convicting an Innocent Man

Pa. Innocence Project Launches Forensic Science Academy for Lawyers

Student Case Update: Police Shot, Innocent Man in Prison?

Student Case Update: Can an Identification a Year After a Crime be Accurate?

Student Case Update: Arson or Accident?

Three for Three: Why Not Test the DNA?

Student Case Update: 32 Years Later, Still Crying for Freedom

Student Case Update: Can Someone Be in NYC and Philly at the Same Time?

Student Case Update: Erie Murder Conviction

Double Injustice: Lorenzo “Cat” Johnson

Case Study Pinpoints Elements of Wrongful Convictions

Prisoners in Community Custody in Washington Now Allowed Government Funded DNA Test

Football Player Remains Optimistic After Exoneration

Pa. Innocence Project is Headed West!

More on the Delaware County “Near Miss

Delaware County DA Jack Whelan Frees Wrongly Arrested Man

Philadelphia Police Looking to Lead on Getting Accurate Identifications

Peter Neufeld Responds to Anita Alvarez’ Open Letter to 60 Minutes

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez Responds to 60 Minutes Interview … Kind Of

It’s Not Misconduct, It’s Human Nature.

St. Louis Man Finally Free After Thirty Years

North Carolina man gains freedom after serving 24 years for rape he didn’t commit

Pennsylvania DNA Testing Still Lagging

Impact of misconduct by chemist at Massachusetts state lab widens