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Act4Innocents on Wrongful Conviction Day – October 4, 2016

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Wrongful Conviction Day is an international day to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of wrongful conviction and to recognize the tremendous personal, social, and emotional costs of wrongful conviction for innocent people and their families.

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project belongs to the Innocence Network, whose members work across the United States and the world to free innocent people from prison and reform the criminal justice system to make future wrongful convictions less likely. Together, the members of the Innocence Network have helped to exonerate close to 400 innocent men and women who collectively have spent over 5,000 years in prison. On Wrongful Conviction Day we come together to bring attention to this problem, to take action to ensure that all innocent people get the justice they deserve, and to celebrate the progress we continue to make.

This year, on October 4, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project is asking our friends and supporters to mark Wrongful Conviction Day by creating a Wall for Innocence: just a wall, or blackboard, or space on the ground where people can share their thoughts about what “Innocence Means …”.

All the information on how to set up a Wall for Innocence can be found in our Complete Wrongful Conviction Day Toolkit. You’ll find handouts, instructions, information about compensation, and pledge cards for people to express their commitment to help #RightTheWrong in Pennsylvania.

Wall for InnocenceYou can also act RIGHT NOW by heading to our Legislative Action Center to contact state legislators and ask them to pass compensation legislation now!

During the day, we ask organizers to encourage people to take the time to ask their state legislators to enact compensation legislation to help those leaving prison regain something of what was taken from them. Handouts explaining how are included in the Toolkit.