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PA Senate Votes to Expand DNA Testing in Crimes

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Currently in the state of Pennsylvania, you must submit a DNA sample taken from the inside of your cheek after being convicted of a serious felony. However, legislation sponsored by […]

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Consider Restitution for the Wrongly Convicted

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You have just been exonerated after DNA evidence has proven you innocent after a wrongful conviction. You are now a free person, but you have no money, no collateral…you have […]

The vital importance of preserving biological evidence

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As an innocence project, we focus not only on reversing wrongful convictions, but also on preventing wrongful convictions in the first place.  One crucial part of such prevention is promoting […]

Volunteer Training — Tuesday May 19th, 12 – 1

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The Pennsylvania Innocence Project will hold its first training session for volunteers on Tuesday May 19th from 12 – 1 at Duane Morris (30 S. 17th Street).  No legal or criminal […]


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Welcome to the Official Weblog of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project! We hope to share news, updates, and educational information of interest to all who are concerned with exonerating those who […]