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Pennsylvania Judge orders state police to pay for DNA testing

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For most convicted criminal defendants hoping to prove their innocence, securing judicially mandated DNA testing of physical evidence is often a huge victory in their case. But, unfortunately for James P. Huntley, that initial judge order was not enough to get key evidence in his case tested.

According to a report by Carl Hessler Jr. of The Times Herald in Norristown, Judge Emanuel A. Bertin ordered the testing of important bloodstain evidence that may exonerate Huntley in February of 2009. That order has been ignored by the Pennsylvania State Police. The police have argued that they should not be responsible for paying for the tests because blood tests were already performed by the FBI during the initial investigation of the 1984 murder case.

Judge Bertin has now ordered that the police pay for the tests, putting an end to a year of wrangling over the issue.

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