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Milestone: 250th person exonerated by DNA evidence

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With the help of the Innocence Project, Freddie Peacock’s name has been cleared. At the age of 60, Peacock became the 250th person exonerated by DNA evidence, and even more remarkably, Peacock’s case now represents the longest time spent between a prisoner’s release and his exoneration, nearly 28 years.

Peacock contacted the Innocence Project in 2003, begging in a handwritten letter for help in clearing his name, even though he had completed his prison sentence and was taken off parole in 1992. The man from Rochester, NY had served his time for a rape he did not commit, and has fought tenaciously to prove his innocence since his arrest in 1976. Last Thursday, his 34-year fight finally ended as the New York State Supreme Court vacated the decision based on DNA evidence.

Check out the full story in the New York Times here

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