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Host a Letter-Writing Party to #Act4Innocents

It is easy to organize a letter writing event to support our efforts.    Letters can be written to papers as Letters to the Editor or Op-Eds.

Just get your group together, and get started.  Here are some materials designed to make it easy for you.  Use them as a guide in framing the issues, and drawing attention to the problems of wrongful convictions.

As always, when writing letters in support of the reforms, do not demonize!  The Pennsylvania Innocence Project does not believe in blaming anyone for wrongful convictions; the issue is not bad actors, but unreliable methods.   Please don’t accuse individuals or groups of people of misconduct.  We want to raise awareness, not create barriers.

If you are writing Letters to the Editor, choose a paper in your home area.  Local letters are more likely to be published than out-of-towners.   Check out Spreading the Word: Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor, above on this site.  Follow the directions for the particular paper.

When you have your letters ready, you can submit them by mail or through electronic mail.  Snail mail is preferred, because it guarantees that the letter will actually be opened.  If submitting by e-mail, send the whole message in the body of the e-mail, not as a separate attachment (they will think it’s spam).

Keep track of to whom you send letters, and let us know at the Project office.  When you hear back, let us know that, too!