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The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission includes securing the exoneration, release and restoration to society of persons who are actually innocent and have been wrongly convicted. The Project’s full Mission Statement can be viewed by clicking here.

To enable the Project to achieve its goals, we need your help!

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Advocates & Volunteers

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project works to change the criminal justice system to ensure that no innocent person gets convicted. But we can’t do it with our staff alone. To really make a difference in all or our lives, we need the help of everyone willing to give some time, write a letter, attend a hearing, or make some calls. You can do that now at our new Legislative Action Center, or through our #Act4Innocents Campaign. We also need assistance from time to time with administrative tasks, such as helping to put together public educational events, keeping up with the developing news in this area of the law, and especially in planning and staffing various fundraising activities. To help in these tasks, fill out our Volunteer Form.

Lawyers & Students

Students in other programs have served as interns receiving course credit, work study students, and even volunteers. Interns and work-study students generally have worked with the Project for 5-10 hours per week, and help with administrative tasks including obtaining case files from court, helping to organize events, contributing to our Facebook or Twitter accounts, and writing for our blog. Interested students should contact the Project by e-mail after consulting with their department chair or contact.