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Category Archives: Exoneree Compensation

Compensation for Wrongfully Convicted Canadians Exceeds US

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This past week, wrongfully convicted Quebec man Rejean Hinse received $13.1 million from Canadian federal and provincial governments as compensation for five years spent in prison for robbery in the […]

Wrongfully Convicted DC Men Receive $1.9M

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Joseph Eastridge and Joseph Sousa were convicted and imprisoned after a 1974 murder in Northwest Washington, DC – a murder that neither of them committed. Now, after a settlement with […]

After Exoneration, Drew Whitley Appeals Compensation Ruling

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In 2006, Drew Whitley of Braddock, PA was cleared of a second-degree murder charge with help from The Innocence Institute of Point Park University. He had served over sixteen years […]

NY Exoneree Receives $3.5M in Post-Conviction Settlement

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Wrongly convicted in 1989 for the 1985 rape and murder of 16-year-old Kimberly Simon, 44-year-old Steven Barnes was exonerated in January of 2009 after The Innocence Project worked to clear […]